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company info

Chari-Treats was established to provide Europe with a platform in aiding charities. Chari-Treats provides a Cause Related Marketing service which allows charities to earn an extra income from fundraising. The package we provide is based on charity branded sweets and snacks, through eye catching point of sale boxes which are strategically placed in work places, clothes shops, hair dressers, etc.

This website gives an overview into each country we provide this service to. In-turn also providing the information of the charity we support in the country we support.

We have opportunities available as a master franchisor and also as a franchisee. We provide an uncomplicated system for anyone who is willing to help themselves in business while in-turn aiding a charity and a great cause.


We aim to run and provide a business platform, based on a social entrepreneurship, while striving to offer our customers value for money. We achieve this through a quality product and service.


CRM Chari Treats is designed to aid charities in providing and fundraising platform. Our model offers a range of quality sweets and snacks and priced at €2 each placed in a charity branded box. Boxes are then placed in suitable locations for the public to purchase.


Chari-treats is designed to raise funds for charities through cause related marketing service. Our model offers a range of top quality sweets and snacks priced at €2 per packet. Each bag of sweets is placed in a charity box, all branded with the charity of that specific country. The boxes are then placed in shop, hairdresser, stores, etc. Each box is then refilled ever 3-4 weeks, thus the cycle of relationship with the store and funds to the charity are built.